-One day before wedding-

" Wahh....!  I can't believe our friend are getting married..huhu.. " Sara said.
" Sara don't say like that..you make me shy.. " Yuna said.
" Don't worry Yuna,, Sara and Shafiq will marry after you and Iqmal..hehe.. " Syaz teased.
" Syaz...! shut your mouth..haisshh.. " Sara getting annoyed.
" You must live happily with Iqmal okay?? If he ever hurt you,, just tell us..we'll beat him.. " Fiza said while patting Yuna's head like a kid.
" Thank you guys,, I'm very happy that you guys have always been there for me..I'm very thankful.. " Yuna cried.
" It's okay Yuna..though your mother can't be there to see you getting married..we'll be there for you..plus,, Iqmal is very nice guy..you'll be happy.. " Shilla added.
" Yuna,, don't forget to give me the biggest slice of your wedding cake okay?? I never taste wedding cake before..hurm..wonder if the taste different from the birthday cake.. " Umie said.
" Umie,, you can't eat the cake too much..it has too much fat..plus..it too sweet..you'll be obesity..it's not good for your health..you can die.. " Fiza explained.
" There she goes again.. " Umie mumbled try not to listen to Fiza.

While the other continuing their girls talk,, Yuna excuse herself from them. She took her phone. Suddenly her heart beating so fast. She didn't know why she felt that way. She then dialed Iqmal's number.

Yuna : Hello Iq..are you still busy?
Iqmal : Ah Yun,, I just thought of calling you..yeah,, I kinda busy..but I willing to spent some time to talk to you.. ^^
Yuna : Aww,, Iq,, thank you..I can't wait for tomorrow to come..the day I've been waiting for..I'm really thankful to you..
Iqmal : It's me should be thankful to you..
Yuna : Iq,, can you say those three words to me??
Iqmal : Yun,,  you know why I never say those words to you? It's because those words can't show how much you meant to me..those words are not enough..look at those divorced people, they said they love each other, but why did they divorced? But still, if you really want me to say it..I will..but not now...tomorrow,, in front of everyone..I'll say it to you.
Yuna : Iqmal.
Iqmal : I'll see you tomorrow sweetie..have a beauty sleep..goodnight.
Yuna : Erm..goodnight.

They ended their conversation on the phone.

' Though you said those words are unnecessary,, but I'm hoping to hear those words from him. Yeah,,tomorrow will be the day..'  Yuna thought to herself.

-12:00 a.m-

Yuna can't sleep. Probably,, she's nervous for tomorrow. She went to the living room to watch TV.

" Eh...! Yuna??!!  why you still wake up?? you should go to sleep..tomorrow is your bigest day..you sure don't want panda eyes for tomorrown right?? " Syaz advice.
" I can't sleep..thank you for your concern Syaz..I'll go to sleep after I finish watching this movie.. " Yuna replied while her eyes glued on the playing movie.
" Okay..don't forget to sleep after this.. " Syaz said leaving the room.
' I...Lo..ve..yo.. ' the girl said last word to her boyfriend. ' Wake up!! please..don't close your eyes!! you promise me!! don't go!! ' her boyfriend said while holding her in his arm.

' Haissshhh...this movie is so sad.. ' Yuna thought.

Without realizing,, Yuna eyes get teary and teary heavily. Her heart feels so hurt. She didn't know why she felt that way. Suddenly,, she went to her room and take out a big box. In there contains her pictures with Iqmal and her friends.
' I miss this moment.. ' Yuna thought.

Without her own conscious,, she began to write a letter to each of her friends and finally to her future husband,, Iqmal.

After finish writing,, she keep the letter in her bag and went to sleep.

-The Day she have been waiting for-

Though Yuna feel happy because today she'll be officially become Iqmal wife,, deep inside her heart she feels so sad. She didn't know why she felt that way since yesterday .

" Wahh..! Yuna,, you look beautiful..! Iqmal will be stunning seeing you..hehe.. " Syaz said.
" Yuna..you're so beautiful in that wedding gown.. " Fiza added.
" Thank you guys..Fiza , Syaz , Shilla , Umie and Sara..I want to thanks to you all for always been beside me all this time..I'm very thankful..thankful to God,, that He sent you guys to replacing my mother's love..I'm thankful.. " Yuna said sincerely while tearing up.
" Don't say like that Yuna..you and the rest like family to me..though,, you're getting married,, we'll always here for you.. " Shilla said while wipping Yuna tears.
Then,, they all make a group hug. Yuna hugs them tightly. After a group hug,, her friend wait outside the room. At the same time,, Yuna secretly put the letters that she wrote inside each of her member bags. While, Iqmal's letter she bring it with her.

" Girlsss...I LOVE YOU.. " Yuna bid before gone into wedding car.
" We LOVE YOU TOO.. " her friends replied in unison.

Yuna used different car from her friends.

-In the wedding hall-

Iqmal look at the clock in the room. He's getting ready to come out and wait for Yuna.
" Bro relax..you're wife will soon arrive.. " Amar convinced him.
" I know.. " he replied.

'Hurm..why I feel something bad will happen?? No! No! I can't think like that..fuhh..maybe I'm nervous..' Iqmal thought.

 " Bro..the other girls already arrive.. " Fitri said.

Iqmal quickly went to the girls.

" Umie,, when she will arrive?? " Iqmal asked eagerly.
" Soon.. Iqmal..where's your wedding cake?? " Umie asked.
" Umie..! can you not think about food right now? aisshh.. " Fitri annoyed.
" Wahhh...my pretty Sara look so beautiful today.. " Shafiq praised his girl.
" Shafiq.. I'm always beautiful right?? " Sara asked shyly.
" Yeah,, you are..^^ " Shafiq replied..
" Stop it you two..today is Yuna and Iqmal biggest day..why don't you two marry after this..like me and Shilla.." Arif said proudly while winking to her beloved wife.

While Yuna,

" Will it take a long time?? " Yuna asked the driver who's busy repairing the car after it suddenly stop in the middle of highway.
" I think it will take sometime..it's better if you use taxi.. " the driver said.
" Okay..thank you.. " she replied.
Yuna went into the car and took the letter that she wrote for Iqmal. Suddenly, the letter slip from her hands and flew away to the middle of the road. She chase after the letter and grab it. Suddenly..

" HONK!! HONK!! "

'That's why......' Yuna thought to herself before closing both eyes.

BUMP !!!

" Ms!! Ms.Yuna!!!! " the driver yelled.

-In the Wedding Hall-

" Iqmal,, get ready.. " Arif said. 
" But,, Yuna stiil hasn't arrive.. " Iqmal said worrily.
" Don't worry,, she'll be here soon.. " Arif said.


" What??!!!  Wh..at...did...you say??!!! " Umie yelled,, gaining everyone attention.
" Umie,, what's wrong??!! " Fitri asked panickly.
" Umie??!! " Fiza asked.
" Yun...a..she involve in accident.. " Umie stuttered and crying like a crzy.
" What??!! It can't.. " Shilla and Syaz said at the same time and start to teary.

All girls crying like a crazy.

" No!! No!! I.. " haven't finish his words,, Iqmal rush to his car like crazy and drive to the hospital.

-At the Hospital-

" We're very sorry..she can't be save.. " the doctor said to Iqmal.
" No!! No!! you can't do this to me!! she's alive!! I know!! Please!! I'm begging you!! " Iqmal begging while crying his man tears like crazy.
" We're very sorry..but,, I think this is for you.. " the doctor apologized and gave the letter to him.
Iqmal weakly took the letter and read it.

To : My Future Husband, Iqmal ^^
Iqmal..ehh! no..no..no..my dear..^^  today I'll officially become your wife..
Finally, the day I've been waiting for is coming..I still remember our first meet..
Those moment..I'll never forget..you're the one who tought me love..thought me how to lean on someone..
You're a mother like to me..maybe because of that I fell in love with you..you protect me..
Always be there for me..I'm thankful..You know why I always ask you to say those words to me??
Though I know you love me,, but I still want to hear those words from your mouth..
I'll wait for you to say it today,, right in front of everyone..
I LOVE YOU..let's live happily together..^^
From : Your Future Wife, Yuna~

Iqmal speechless. Only tears coming out.
" I l..ove..you..my..wi..fe.. " he said and again his manly tears burst.

No one know his feeling right now. Losing someone who's suppose to become a part of your life..someone that you love more than yourself,, gone just like that. Iqmal regrets for not saying those words to her.

-The End-

p/s = creadit to Syaz,,Fiza and Shilla yang sanggup tolong aku buat benda atas nie...thanks bestiieee..^^ I love you lahh..^^