Without You

Listen boy, what I've done to you,
That was my mistake boy,
I can't live without you, 
Please come back,
I love you, 
I miss you,,boy,
My life is incomplete,
Without you,boy,
This song always makes me think of you,
Even though I can't sing it to you now,
It's been a long time since I keep in touch with you,
And now I miss you,
The tears I cry every night, 
I think of you every minute,,every day,
Please, come back to me once again,
Without you,,I really miss you,
Without you,,please forgive me,
Without you,,you're the only one I love,
Can't live without you,
Every moment with you,,I never though you'd leave,
I'm hurting because of you,,I want you,
Without you I'm lost too,
Forget everything and come back to me.