da banyak aku rase entry aku pasal Korea..okay...ini disebabkan,,makcek Syazana yg suwoh aku buat post lagii pasal Korea..korang muak??tayah bace..tak pakse...so nak cte ape psal Korea??humm...lagu,,drama,,movie,,girl/boy group,,variety show??okay,,itu permintaan makcek Syazan...agak banyak..=='...demi kaw??I will..walaupun kerelaan hati aku sbanyak 60%..=)

LAGU...nak tahu lagu korea yg aku suka??banyak...

 Korea Song plus their Singer   *(2 in 1)*

Girl group or solo..=)
  • After School = Because of You,,Diva,,Dream Girl,,Bang,,
  • 2ne1 = Go Away,,Fire,,I Don't Care,,Lonely,,Can't Nobody
  • Davichi = Hot Stuff,,I Made An Accident,,Time Please Sto,,8282
  • Fx = Chu~,,Danger,,La Cha Ta,,Lolipop,,Nu Abo,,Spread It's Wings
  • G.na = Black and White,,I Miss You Already,,I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better,,Kiss Me
  • Heo Ga Yoon = Shameless Lie *OST of Lie To Me*
  • Hwayobi = Bye Bye Bye
  • Park Jiyeon T-ara = Rolling
  • Lee Hyori = U Go Girl,,Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Miss A = Bad Girl Good Girl,,Breathe
  • Orange Caramel = Magic Girl,,Bangkok City,,Aing~
  • Rainbow = A,,Gossip Girl,,Mach,,To Me,,
  • Secret = I Want You Back,,Madonna,,Magic,,Shy Boy
  • Seo In Young = Into The Rhythm
  • Sistar = Push Push,,Shady Girl,,How Dare You,,Ma Boy
  • 4 Minute = I My Me Mine,,Heart To Heart,,Mirror Mirror,,Hot Issue,,Huh,,What A Girls Want
  • Kara = Wanna,,Mister,,Lupin,,Honey,,Jumping
  • Jewelry = Baby One More Time
  • Wonder Girls = Nobody,,Tell Me,,2 Different Tears
  • Boa = Hurricane Venus
  • Brown Eyed Girls = Abracadabra,,Sign
  • T-ara = Bo Beep Bo Beep,,I Crazy Because Of You,,Lies,,Like The First Time,,Why Are You Being Like This,,YaYaYa
  • Girls Generation = Chocolate Love,,Day By Day,,Dear Mom,,Gee(Korean/Japan ver),,Genie(Korean/Japan ver),,Honey,,Hoot,,Into The New World,,Kissing You,,Mr Taxi(Japan ver),,Oh!,,Run Devil Run(Korean/Japan ver),,Show Show Show
  • IU = Nagging,,Believe In love,,Boo,,Good Day,,I Need A Boy,,Marshmallow,,Mia,,Someday,,The Story Only I Didn't Know,,Rain Drop,,Cruel Fairy Tale
Boy group or solo...=)
  • BigBang = Stupid Liar,,Somebody To Love,,Haru Haru,,Lies,,Love Song,,Tonight
  • B1a4 = Ok,,Remember
  • Dalmatian = Round 1,,That Man Opposed
  • Ft Island = Love Sick,,I Hope,,Love Love Love,,Bad Woman
  • Ft Triple = Love Letter
  • F.cuz = Jiggy,,No One
  • G-Dragon = Breathe,,Heartbreaker,,Gossip Man
  • Infinite = Can You Smile,,Come Back Again,,She's Back,,BTD
  • Jay Park = Abandoned,,Nothing On You(Korean ver)
  • Jokwon 2AM = The Day Of Confenssion
  • Jung Yonghwa = Banmal Song
  • JYJ = Found You
  • Kim Soo Hyun = Dreaming
  • MBlaq = Again,,Cry,,Oh Yeah,,G.O.O.D Love,,Stay,,Y,,I Belong To You
  • Shinee = Hello,,Jojo,,Juliette,,Lucifer,,Replay,,Ring Ding Dong,,Stand By Me
  • SS501 = Because I'm Stupid,,Love Like This,,Love Ya
  • Super Junior Happy = Cooking Cooking
  • Super Junior M = Perfection,,Super Girl
  • Super Junior = Bonamana,,It's You,,No Other,,Sorry Sorry,,Seoul Song
  • Supreme Team = Dang Dang Dang,,Then Then Then
  • Taeyang = I Need A Girl,,Wedding Dress
  • Junghyun & Yoseob Beast = Thank You
  • Yoseob Beast & Daniel Dalmatian = First Snow First Kiss
  • Teen Top = Clap
  • T-max = Fight The Bad Feeling,,Don't Be Rude,,Paradise
  • Trax = Oh My Goddess
  • Tvxq = Before U Go,,Break Out,,Mirotic,,Keep Your Head Down
  • Ukiss = Man Ha Ni,,Round and Round,,Shut up,,0330
  • ZEA =All Day Long,,Here I Am,,Level Up,,Mazeltov
  • Yesung SUJU = It Has To Be You
  • 2AM = Rather Let You Go,,This Song,,I Did Wrong,,Confenssion Of A Friend
  • 2PM = Again Again,,Fly To Seoul,,I Hate You,,I'll Be Back,,Heartbeat,,Tic Toc,,Waiting For You,,Without You,,10 Point Out Of 10,,Cabi Song
  • Beast = Beautiful,,Loving You,,I Like You The Best,,Soom,,Oasis,,Mystery,,Bad Girl,,Shock,,Fiction,,Special,,Say No,,Easy
  • CNBlue = Alone,,First Step,,Love Girl,,Love Light,,I Don't Know Why,,Love Revolution,,Love,,Sweet Holiday
  • Lee SeungGi = Marry Me,,Losing My Mine,,Let's Go On Vacation,,Let's Break Up,,Because You're My Woman,,I'll Give It All,,Smile Boy,,

 p/s = siyez..mata dah berat..esok aku janji aku smbung topic nie...okay...byebye...jumpe sowk..monink Msia...oh yer...aku tahu,,ade banyak girl/boy group yg baru..tp sorii...ta berminat..=)