Korea (Second Story)

aha...ini sambungan post yg kat bawah nie..maaf yer makcek Syazana...siyez,,aku ngantuk smalam...tu yg stop bg senarai lagu jer tu..^__^  okay...now...kaw nak tahu psal Movie and Drama Korea an??aku bg list yang aku minat jer ek..=)

Movie ta banyak...tp bg list jugak..=)
Movie Korea..=)

2OO Pounds Beauty,,100 Days With Mr.Arrogant,,Baby And I,,Cyrano Dating Agency,,Closer To Heaven,,Dating On Earth,,Daddy Long Legs,,Death Bell,,Death Bell 2 Bloody Camp,,Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do,,Fly Daddy Fly,,Finding Mr.Destiny,,Hello Ghost,,My Tutor Friend,,My Tutor Friend 2,,My Black Mini Dress,,My Girl And I,,My Little Bride,,My Sassy Girl,,My Girlfriend Is An Agent,,My Mighty Princess,,My Boyfriend Is Type B,,Seducing Mr.Perfect,,She's On Duty

    Drama Korea..=)

    9 Ends 2 Out,, A Love To Kill,,All About Eve,,All My Love,,All In,,Athena Goddess Of War,,Autumn In My Heart,,Baby Faced Beauty,,Bad Couple,,Bad Love,,Bad Guy,,Beethoven Virus,,Boys Over Flowers,,Can You Hear My Heart,,Cinderella Man,,Cinderella Stepsister,,City Hall,,Cloud Stairs,,City Hunter,,Coffee House,,Coffee Prince,,Creating Destiny,,Dream High,,Dal Ja's Spring,,Delightful Girl Chun Hyang,,Dr.Champ,,East Of Eden,,Full House,,God Of Study,,Goong,,Goong S,,Hanoi Bride,, Hwang Ji Yi,,Hot Blood,,Hello Miss,,I Am Lagend,,I Am Sam,,I'm Sorry, I Love You,,Ice Girl,,Iljimae,,IRIS,,It's Okay Daddy's Girl,,King Of Baking Kim Takgoo,,Lie To Me,,Life Is Beautiful,,Love Letter,,Love Story In Havard,,Midas,,Mary Stayed Out All Night,,My Girl,,My Mom Super Mom,,My Princess,,My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho,,My Lovely Kim Sam Soon,,Oh My Lady,,On Air,,Paradise Farm,,Pasta,,Partner,,Personal Taste,,Pianist,,Playful Kiss,,President,,Princess Lulu,,Romance Town,,Save The Last Dnace For Me,,Secret Garden,,Shining Inheritance,,Smile Dong Hae,,Spring Waltz,,Stained Glass,,Stairway To Heaven,,Style,,Sungkyunkwan Scandal,,Successful Story Of A Bright Girl,, Take Care Of Young Lady,,The Man Who Can't Get Married,,The Snow Queen,,The Vineyard Man,,Time Between Dog And Wolf,,Tree Of Heaven,,Three Dads One Mom,,What Happened In Bali,,Which Star Are You From,,White Lies,,Winter Sonata,,Witch Yoo Hee,,World Within,,You Are My Destiny,,You're Beautiful

    =Fuhhh...tu sume cite-cite Korea yg aku dah tengok...banyak kan??yupe,,memang aku minat tengok cite Korea...ta susahkan korang kan???so duk diam-diam yer..
    p/s = buat makcek Syazana..aku dah list kan Drama and Movie Korea..puas??pnat kowt...=='  Variety Show,,,esok ekh??penat lah..=)) bye...na tdow...nyte2..^___^