Can U Smile.=)

I remember that feeling from long ago when I looked at you
I remember that time when I knew you, you knew me
I think about those desperate times when I wanted to be like you, hang out with you
but it's merely a memort that has passed by
I remember long ago when I received your heart
I think of those times when you were overflowing me and I was thankful
We came across a farewell when we loved each other most, when we were at out happiest
I couldn't hold you back beacuse you were overflowing me, beacause I was sorry

And still, still in the end, still I...
but probably in the end, I still...
And still, still, in the end, still I...
But in the end, I still...

But I was suffocating from those frequent words of yours
You say with rage that my way of talking and actions make you lose your words, that they make your anger rise
On this violent night, the stars light up the sky, the moon shines, and you go steadily down your path
Stars and the night are coming, they're covered only by other stars
The moon always stays there
I will always be here for you, want you

And can u smile?
You want this,
You hope for this
I can't seem to have you with only my heart
And can u smile?
I said to leave,
I said I'm okay
It seems like I can give nothing but this to you in the end

p/s = CAN U SMILE FOR ME MR.A???=)