Even though we argued a little yesterday
Today, we laugh and hug, embrace each other
Alright. Let’s make a promise
You are my best friend
Even if your worry may seem trivial
Don’t hold it in
But share it with each other. Promise me one more time
When you laugh, I’m happy too
When you’re sad, my eyes tear up.
There is only one of you in this world my friend
You’re my joy and my soul
I’ll continue to treasure our importance
I swear to God
I love you my friend
I’ll be your strength
I’ll always by your best friend
If you find a good movie, a song,
Or a person(guy), make sure to let share it with each other
Let’s make a promise together
Let’s not be stingy and
Buy each other meals
Let’s make a promise with our finger
For me, when you’re not here, I really feel lonely
For me, when you’re sick, I can’t sleep. I worry about you
I love you my friend
You’re my life’s present my friend
You’re my jewel. My miracle
I’ll protect my appreciative heart
Once again, I swear to God
I love you my friend
With faith and holding hands, no matter what I won’t be afraid
The word friendship may sound awkward, but I think that word was created
To describe us my friend.
We make pretty nicknames for each other and play around
Sometimes, we share our cool clothes
Forever you’re my friend

p/s = I miss u so much BFF....=((( syaz,,cyla,,nana,,echa,,ainie,,intan,,ciput,,loading...miss korang sesangat.. T__T